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TJ Hammond - Political Animals S01E01 Pilot PART V

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you know [after you wear the costume] you start standing different

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Salutations! I've been pondering your thoughts on TJ. I do agree that the Hammonds are incredibly selfish. But based on my experience in dealing with addicts I think there is a time when you're just DONE. Because you can't make people get better. They have to do it for them. And if you keep protecting them from 'rock bottom' they may never get to that place. Obviously the Hammonds didn't give TJ the support he needed, but there comes a time when you can't do more for someone, even family.
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Yes, you are correct. Two of the most significant relationships I’ve had were with addicts. I know all about not being able to help people who won’t help themselves. I know all about being done, because it comes a point where you have to put yourself first. 

But that generally comes after having tried to do everything for them. Everything. The Hammonds are never shown to actually fucking do anything for TJ other than hide his addiction and keep him quiet. And TJ does get better, get clean, on his own - sure, for the wrong reasons, sure, for the wrong person, but that wouldn’t have happened had his family fucking been there for him. And he hits rock bottom. Twice. He tries to kill himself - once consciously, the second time accidentally - and both times, his family is shown to do absolutely nothing for him. His father calls his suicide attempt a stunt. His mother throws it back in his face because she had to find him. The second time, the concern is how it’s going to be shown to the press. His brother decides to elope rather than fucking wonder how the hell is his twin doing and what the fuck happened at the club.

Nobody rallies around TJ after the first attempt sucide to figure out how the hell did that happen. Nope. Their only concern is the campaign, their careers, the public, Doug’s engagement, everything else but TJ who goes right back to using and sleeping around and generally self-destructing because nobody fucking gives a shit about him and everyone thinks he’s a fuck up so might as well act like one, right?

I absolutely see your point, by the way: it definitely comes a time where you can’t do anything more for someone, even family. But generally that point comes after you’ve tried everything else and nothing has been successful. The Hammonds never did that for TJ. The only thing his family is shown doing for him is belittle him and kick him while he’s down. It’s a fucking miracle the kid’s still standing of his own volition, because he sure as hell has nobody around to prop him up.


one day I will remember

Argentina vs Nigeria - GOAL from Marcos Rojo (Ezequiel Garay)

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get to know me meme TEN FICTIONAL CHARACTERS
                                                                        ☆ [1|10] » Newt

"I never thought I’d still be alive at this buggin’ point - and living hasn’t exactly been so great anyway…"

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give me first year sirius spouting the offensive rhetoric he’s been brought up on and being confused when peter is silent and uncomfortable and james looks at him like he doesn’t know him and remus doesn’t speak to him for a few days

give me sirius deeply conflicted about…